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Dragon Commander Throwdown: Master vs Apprentice
admin on 2013-07-04 16:18:20

Tune in on our Twitch.tv channel for:

The first match:
TUESDAY July 9th at 6PM GMT+1 (9AM PST, 12PM EST)

The rematch:
THURSDAY July 11th at 11PM GMT+1 (2PM PST, 5PM EST)

Ladies and Gentlemen, with malicious delight we announce an epic showdown between two Dragon Commanders in combat. These two used to be quite well acquainted, but their relationship seems to have hit a snag. Probably over whose favorite unit needed to be properly balanced. You know how these things go.
The Challenger: our very own rookie tester, barely old enough to pass Dragon Commander's PEGI age rating but grew up on a diet consisting of red meats only! Fear him, it's Lorean!
The Defender: the gaunt, gametesting alpha male from a jurassic age before games needed a rating at all! It's Octaaf!

This is the fight of the century! This is so big, the rematch has already been planned! In a match of Divinity: Dragon Commander, the apprentice will take on the master in not one, but two legendary Dragon Commander battles, LIVE on Twitch TV!

Or stick around and watch it on this page:

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