Spectacular real-time strategy gameplay
Engage in massive, full 3D RTS battles across vast landscapes. The enemy is everywhere: he roams the lands, scours the seas and infests the skies, but you have at your disposal units that can take on any threat. Build factories, gather resources, construct armies and reap victory!
Become the dragon
As if legions of diverse war machines weren't enough to turn the tide, you have the ability to turn into a dragon at any time to support your troops in combat! Blast through the air empowered by your trusty jetpack and have at the enemy. Breathe fire to destroy; cast fog to confuse; charm to subvert. These and many other skills are at your disposal.
Research new technologies and magic
You may come from humble beginnings, but as new territories are conquered and tribute flows in, your economy booms and you can invest in new technological and magical upgrades.
Plan your conquest
Move your armies across the turn-based world map and decide how to improve the lands under your rule. Will you concentrate on gold revenue, for instance, or the increase of military output? Weigh one benefit against the other and keep the long term in mind.
Play your cards right
Story decisions earn you cards that when played wisely can influence politics, strengthen your military, bolster your economy and weaken your opponents. Sometimes the winner is simply the one with the ace up his sleeve!
Single-player, multiplayer and co-op modes
Play the story-driven single player campaign, test your mettle against other Dragon Knights, online or local via LAN. Start your own custom multiplayer campaign with or against a friend. Or duke it out on a skirmish map.
The art of politics
You are the emperor, but no decision you make will simultaneously please the councillors of dwarves, elves, lizards, imps and undead. Carefully balance their will and wishes, so you can collect the benefits of their support, or hazard their ire and lose the boons their faction might have given you.
Love and marriage
Many princesses will bid for your hand, but when you have made the decision whom to marry, that is only the beginning. Each princess has her own background and personal struggle. It will be up to you to guide her to the best of your abilities, keeping in mind the often conflicting sensitivities of your councillors.
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