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Brace yourselves, Divinity: Dragon Commander is on sale now, with a hefty 40% price reduction both on Steam, and the LarianVault! The offer continues throughout the weekend and ends on Sunday October 14th 2013. If you didn't already pick up a copy - now's your chance! The sale comes shortly after the release of a massive update to the game, with a variety of issues fixed and introducing a batch of new features, including the gifting of units and resources, and improved battle results with deeper stats. This big patch makes multiplayer more fun and fixes various things, so this is one heck of a deal! If you haven't played Divinity: Dragon Commander yet, now is the time! Steam: GOG: Larian Vault:
Over the last couple of months, we’ve been tracking the political decisions of Divinity: Dragon Commander players, wondering what would happen if they were in charge of government. Well, we know now, and we’ll let you be the judge of what it says about modern society. For one thing, kids should be allowed to smoke in the classroom! And waterboarding should be legal as a matter of course! Gay rights are respected, but democracy, well, it turns out to be not as popular as generally assumed. At least the inquisition won’t be coming back. But we really should worry about the climate, because when it comes to the economy, ecology needs to take a back seat! These and more eye-opening results can be seen in the shiny new Dragon Commander movie: How did players vote? We’d love to publish all results, but we’re afraid videogames might be banned afterwards. Hopefully there’ll be no leaks, for in the hands of the wrong type of politician, a dragonleak scandal might mean the end of our favorite medium. Nevertheless, you can secretly check them all out in this strictly-confidential Excel file. For more information on Divinity: Dragon Commander, the people that are playing it and their political profiles, read the latest Rivellon Times online!
Do you like PC Gamer? Do you like Do you like Larian? If so, you could win this fantastic hand painted Divinity: Dragon Commander figurine. There are only 3 in existence, and all you need to is tell the world that... you like PC Gamer, GOG and Larian Studios! Easy, no? So what are you waiting for? Head over to’s Divinity: Dragon Commander raffle page & follow the instructions to win one of these fine pieces of Dragon artwork! In short, like the following facebook pages: Larian Studios: PC Gamer: And then enter the Raffle! The contest will run until 3.59 AM GMT on 14 October 2013.
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Gamespot: Divinity: Dragon Commander - Jet Fueled Dragons in an RTS
Gamespot gets a demo of jet packed dragon combat in real time in Divinity: Dragon Commander.

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The Cynical Brit - Finding out more about Divinity - Original Sin & Divinity - Dragon Commander
TotalBiscuit interviews Swen Vincke about Divinity: Dragon Commander.

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Examiner - E3 2012: Divinity Dragon Commander First Look
"Dragon Commander is a fast-as-hell RTS, which was especially apparent during the brief multiplayer demonstration."

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"Hey, remember that thing I said about dragons being awesome earlier? Well, what do you think of jetpacks? Awesome too, right? Then it's about time that someone started putting jetpacks on dragons. They put a jetpack on your dragon so you can fly while you fly."

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"Swen Vincke is the bossman at Larian, they of the Divinity games and now ambitious Dragon Commander, and he’s taking his studio in a bold new direction: free of the publisher contract, they are going to develop and publish the game themselves. Vincke talks about this strategy – and few other issues like the real reason people said the PC was “dead” – in this wide-ranging and fascinating interview."

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"Visually, it's looking great, the gameplay itself seems really engaging and, well... jetpack dragons. That's all you need to know really."

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Dragon Commander website goes live!
Rejoice Dragon Knights, the Dragon Commander website has gone live! Here you will find all the latest news and media concerning Larian Studios' new and highly anticipated game that will combine spectacular action with real time strategy and in depth role playing. Be welcome and have fun!
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