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Featured News
The Interactive Politics of Divinity Dragon Commander
by Admin on 2013-07-08 16:24:54

Divinity Dragon Commander is a game about conflict on multiple levels. Everybody is fighting, everywhere, all the time. The only thing to postpone the rock hitting the hard place is something called diplomacy. Representing your diplomatic options are five ambassadors. Each of them representing their race and culture. Each bidding for your favor. Through them you'll be able to shape the policies of your Empire. So choose carefully.

For a taste of things to come, check out our latest interactive video and discover what it's like to make political decisions in Dragon commander. At stake in this instance is nothing less than the freedom of press!

Dragon Commander Throwdown: Master vs Apprentice
by admin on 2013-07-04 16:18:20

Tune in on our Twitch.tv channel for:

The first match:
TUESDAY July 9th at 6PM GMT+1 (9AM PST, 12PM EST)

The rematch:
THURSDAY July 11th at 11PM GMT+1 (2PM PST, 5PM EST)

Ladies and Gentlemen, with malicious delight we announce an epic showdown between two Dragon Commanders in combat. These two used to be quite well acquainted, but their relationship seems to have hit a snag. Probably over whose favorite unit needed to be properly balanced. You know how these things go.
The Challenger: our very own rookie tester, barely old enough to pass Dragon Commander's PEGI age rating but grew up on a diet consisting of red meats only! Fear him, it's Lorean!
The Defender: the gaunt, gametesting alpha male from a jurassic age before games needed a rating at all! It's Octaaf!

This is the fight of the century! This is so big, the rematch has already been planned! In a match of Divinity: Dragon Commander, the apprentice will take on the master in not one, but two legendary Dragon Commander battles, LIVE on Twitch TV!

Or stick around and watch it on this page:

The Imperial Edition
by admin on 2013-06-28 12:25:17

Today Larian Studios is announcing the Divinity Dragon Commander: Imperial Edition!

The Imperial Edition is a special collector’s edition of Divinity: Dragon Commander and is free for everyone who preorder(ed) the game(*)

The Imperial Edition is a special collector’s edition of Divinity: Dragon Commander and includes:

  • A unique development documentary video
  • An extra campaign map that has dragons fight for control of the Earth
  • A golden skin for your Dragon Emperor
  • A beautifully remastered version of the soundtrack by Kirill Pokrovsky
  • Dragon Commander’s best kept secret: an overview of all the choices and consequences in the game (you’ll be amazed)
  • Immediate beta access(**)

The Imperial Edition will be made available on the day of release as downloadable content, and people who preorder will receive a download key. Anybody who pre-purchases will also receive a Steam key that will unlock beta access.

The Imperial Edition will remain available after release, but will then be sold as a separate DLC.

The offer is currently available through the following participating channels, but will be extended in the coming days

  • The Larian Vault
  • Steam
  • Amazon.de
  • gog.com
  • Anybody who pledged for Dragon Commander via Kickstarter

For technical reasons, beta access is not available if you preorder via gog.com. To compensate we are giving away a free copy of Divine Divinity to anybody who preorder(s)(ed) on gog.com. This in addition to gog.com’s offer of including the timeless classic Masters of Magic to anybody who preorders via gog.com

Let's play: One turn of Divinity Dragon Commander
by admin on 2013-06-26 13:48:37

Curious about how Divinity: Dragon Commander plays in Single Player? Look no further! In this uncut let's play video in which Swen, Larian Studios' creative director, takes us through one full turn of the game. The video is about half an hour and shows all aspects of Dragon Commander so it's definitely worth the watch!

Tune in to the Kirill Pokrovsky Concert and Q&A livestream!
by Admin on 2013-04-18 15:21:36

Hear ye, hear ye! The marvellous and miraculous musical magician Kirill Pokrovsky will dazzle and delight your heart and soul with the soulful music of Divinity in a divine treat for the fans. Sit down, perk up and let Kirill take you to the world of fantastic fantasia known from Divine Divinity and beyond!

In the style of a true oriental oracle, the amazing Kirill will answer any questions you may have in an extensive Q&A session.

So mark the date thursday, April 18th at 19h gmt+1 (19:00 Brussels - 18:00 London - 13:00 New York - 10:00 San Francisco - 21:00 Moscow)

And watch this space, or our our twitch.tv page for Kirill Prokrovski in private live concert and Q&A.

Watch Dragon Commander Q&A Live on Twitch.tv
by Admin on 2013-04-10 15:26:10

Watch the live Q&A stream from this page or go to the twitch.tv page.

The stream will start on Wednesday, April 10th 2013 at 2:00 GMT (10:00 AM New York Time, 16:00 Brussels time). Stay tuned and receive a discount on the Dragon Commander pre-order for a total of $6.99 at the end of the stream!

Additionally, if you want to ask questions, tweet them at twitter.com/gogcom using the hashtag #DragonCommander. See you then!


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